Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dragon going well

Sooooo. . . .
After a day of crying when my Dragon went splat, I started again. . . .
He's going well and is nearly finished . . . . .again
Here's some pics
the first pic, he's called Squish, for obvious reasons!
(he's the head from the first time around)
The second pic is mark 2 - I am not giving him a name in case something else happens.
I'll name him if he survives, when he comes out of the kiln for the last time!
These pictures are about 2 weeks old, he's progressed more since these were taken, I'll post more up to date pics soon
'till next time. . . .
Keep Smiling

1 comment:

auntyevil said...

Wowee Holly, don't let him go splat again! Looks good, he's hugeee, wondering what colours you'll paint him when done.