Friday, October 26, 2007

Dragon Update

He's finally heating up . . .
The kiln has been turned on low for a long slow firing
It'll be turned up high early next week and will be out by around Wednesday of Thursday
I'll put the pics on as soon as he's done

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Etsy Meet Up

It was a nice little group that meet up in Perth last weekend. On the left hand side in the left hand photo is my beautiful and talented daughter, Bethra - keep an eye out on my etsy shop for her listings soon. In the right hand photo on the left hand side is me - Holly Courtney

Second from the left in both is Sandy from Auntyevil -
Next up is Feli from AbsoluteFeli -
And on the right is Pam from Get Silvered -

We originally meet at the moon cafe but opted for more light and less music down the road at Icey Ice. In a very short time we whiled away a good couple of hours chatting and sharing ideas - much to inspire . It was unfortunate that the trains and other commitments kept a few away but I very much enjoyed meeting in a smaller group with my poor hearing I missed much at the previous meet up.

Looking forward to catching up again soon.

Keep Smiling


He's in the kiln!!!

At last! My dragon is in the kiln. It was decided it was best to move him whilst still wet and leave him in the kiln to dry out slowly before firing. Gee I look really worried in the last picture don't I? I am not worried yet - that will happen when the kiln is turned on in a week or two!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Pretty "house work"

These pictures were taken just before Christmas last year (as you can tell by the date on them!)

The first 3 pictures are from our dining room. I took a 5cm (2 inch) paint scraper and hand rendered all 3 walls. This took . . . well a VERY long time. After it was rendered, it was painted a very nice metallic purple. The divider between the lounge room and dining room was originally exposed brick. This was cement rendered and then painted the same as the largest wall in the lounge with suede paint effects.

After spending a large amount of 2006 making things pretty, we will soon be selling our little house. It will most likely be purchased by a developer and be smashed to pieces so that they can build a triplex on this rather large block. Boo Hoo.

Well I guess I will have to start planning the rather spectacular finishes for our new home

The Huggy Buggy Monsters are Coming. . . . .

The Huggy Buggy monsters are coming . . . . .
Huggy Buggy Huggy Buggy Huggy Buggy
. . . . . . . . . .
Stay tuned for more information . . . . .


Well I forgot to take my camera with me on Friday.
I will have to take pics on Monday now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good News - Dragon is Done

Good news. . .
My dragon is finally finished(well the making in clay part is) and he survived being transported into a kiln.
Now he'll sit and slowly dry out for a couple of weeks before he is fired.
It will definately be a sleepless night the night the kiln is fired up!
I haven't taken a pic again - will try to remember to take my camera in tomorrow.
Of course I am trying very very very hard to not be attached to a positve outcome - I've heard far too many horror stories about disasters in firing.
If he does come out all pretty, he'll need his wire wings made - that will take another small eternity. sigh. . .
I know it will all be worth it in the end