Thursday, October 11, 2007

Etsy Meet Up

It was a nice little group that meet up in Perth last weekend. On the left hand side in the left hand photo is my beautiful and talented daughter, Bethra - keep an eye out on my etsy shop for her listings soon. In the right hand photo on the left hand side is me - Holly Courtney

Second from the left in both is Sandy from Auntyevil -
Next up is Feli from AbsoluteFeli -
And on the right is Pam from Get Silvered -

We originally meet at the moon cafe but opted for more light and less music down the road at Icey Ice. In a very short time we whiled away a good couple of hours chatting and sharing ideas - much to inspire . It was unfortunate that the trains and other commitments kept a few away but I very much enjoyed meeting in a smaller group with my poor hearing I missed much at the previous meet up.

Looking forward to catching up again soon.

Keep Smiling



Get Silvered said...

It was a really good afternoon. I really enjoyed the meet up.

auntyevil said...

It was great to meet some fellow etsy mates :)