Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Pretty "house work"

These pictures were taken just before Christmas last year (as you can tell by the date on them!)

The first 3 pictures are from our dining room. I took a 5cm (2 inch) paint scraper and hand rendered all 3 walls. This took . . . well a VERY long time. After it was rendered, it was painted a very nice metallic purple. The divider between the lounge room and dining room was originally exposed brick. This was cement rendered and then painted the same as the largest wall in the lounge with suede paint effects.

After spending a large amount of 2006 making things pretty, we will soon be selling our little house. It will most likely be purchased by a developer and be smashed to pieces so that they can build a triplex on this rather large block. Boo Hoo.

Well I guess I will have to start planning the rather spectacular finishes for our new home

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