Saturday, November 10, 2007

Huggy Buggy... Huggy Wuggy... The Huggy Buggy Monster

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At last the huggy buggy monsters have arrived

Huggy Buggy Huggy Wuggy Huggy Buggy Huggy Wuggy

This little Huggy Wuggy REALLY wants a BIG HUG. After all, with arms like his, that's what he was born for.

He does have part Kissy Wissy Monster in his lineage. His great grandfather on his mother's side

I love BIG HUG. He has the cutest face in the this new bunch of Huggy Buggies. He is 11 cms tall (just over 4 1/4 inches). He has patchy green skin with a crackle glaze over the surface, lovely deep red shoes, pretty pink lips and big brown eyes

O.K., So who are the Huggy Buggies?
Ever since my little girl could walk and talk, (that's a few years now, since she's 10 years old) the Huggy Buggies have been our friends and when they turn up they ALWAYS get a hug.

This series of Huggy Buggies are ceramic. They are made from Earthenware. BIG HUG has been decorated with underglazes in the greenware stage. He has then been bisque fired. After clear glazing he was fired again.

This guy used to be for sale on my etsy site, but I just couldn't bring myself to part with him, or any of the other huggy buggy monsters for that matter . . . . . .

Maybe when I've filled the house with them, I'll part with a few but I doubt it. I'll put on more pics of other Huggy Buggies soon


P.S. For those who are wondering about the dragon, I took a couple of pics since he was fired, but he still looks pretty similiar to the last lot of pics. I'll take more photos in the next stage when he gets his wings and a paint job, but that probably won't be until after Christmas, since I'll be VERY BUSY 'till then with the City Farm Art Market, It'll be on every Saturday in December - Please feel free to drop by and say hi


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ajayan said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u