Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encaustic Glaze Application

 Around August last year, I was thinking I wonder if you could use wax as medium to apply glaze, instead of a resist. It got added to my "I'll have to try that sometime list"
It was serendipidious when, at Potober here in Perth WA last year, New Zealand artist Royce McGlashen demonstated making underglaze crayons. I thought "well now that I know wax works as a medium, I definitely have to give encaustic glaze application a try now"
It still took me till December last year to get on with it. All these have been done low temp, I am yet to attempt experimentation with high temp glaze.

This first one was heated and then applied with a brush, which results in a quite thick coat, and as you can see it resulted in an interesting melted effect. It was then refired with a satin glaze applied over the surface.
(it has to be done in two firings because the wax in the colour would act as resist on the surface) 

The following images are of works where the wax/glaze or wax/underglaze has been applied with heated tools; far easier to do on a flat surface, quite a bit trickier to get a good effect on a 3D surface, but early days of experimenting


 (This photo is courtesy of Cher Shackleton)

The following images are surface close ups:

I am very interested to know if there is anyone else out there experimenting with this technique, as far as I know I am the first 

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