Monday, December 14, 2015

Ok so lets talk studio spaces
I thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks that have worked for me with a small working space. Pics are not the most glamourous, but hopefully they are informative

 The room I have for my indoor studio is not only small but somewhat impractical as it has two doors 
The door as pictured on the left has a bit of a nook behind it. This nook is the perfect size to hold 2 milk crates, one is storing rolled up paper and artworks, the other is storing fabric bolts. 

The pic  on the left isnt too clear but the best way to store fabric that is not in regular use is by wrapping it in plastic. I just taped together 2 large garbags. But heres the slightly clever bit: tape a scrap of each fabric on the top so you know which one is which

Now flat paper/card storage can be a bit tricky. I took a large sheet of mdf and attached a shelf to the bottom of it. I then attached a piece of dowel at the edge of the shelf so that the paper can be stored upright without falling. As you can see from the left hand pic, this hides behind a work table. A bit of a problem I have had with this set up is that I have to be extra careful when working wet on this table: one big spill and all that paper and card would be ruined.

This shelf is shown just to demonstrate how handy baskets can be but also is you look at the top shelf you can see my favourite storage and organisation tool. This containers are from Red Dot or The Reject Shop, I can't remember which, I think it might be both.
These lidded plastic containers come in 2.5ltr and go up to 10ltr. The ones you see pictured are mostly the 2.5ltr but there is one 5ltr.
The best thing about these containers are when you pull them off the shelf you can easily access all your tools, pens, pencils, etc. without fiddling around. They would also be handy to create a drying space for artworks that are a bit smaller than A4.  Pierce a few air holes in the side and stack
My final tip is to think and plan your space. If you always work in water colours find somewhere out of the way to store the oils. As I mainly work in clay but often get inspired to go off on a tangent with different projects, my indoor space is set up to work with a bit of everything

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