Monday, July 22, 2013


It's been nearly a month since Supanova. It was a great weekend, although having a stall in the artists' alley did mean that I wasn't able to get to most the Q&A that I wanted to see. The only complete Q&A I saw was Carrie Fisher - told the family they have to watch the stall, there's no way I'm missing any of her. I also got to see the complete Kai Owen Q&A because thing were fairly quiet by last thing Sunday arvo. Oh I nearly forgot about Friday night. Because the artist alley isn't open Friday also got to check out the Merlin Knights Q&A. Really disappointed to have only seen a bit of Alan Tudyk and super sad to have missed half of Eve Myles & Kai Owen together.

I haven't really put images of my mugs online; I make large mugs with asymetrical handles that are individual and comfortable to hold. The nicest thing during the weekend was when I encountered a lady who was over here for a stall, from South Australia, who purchased a mug from me last year. She was relieved to find I had a stall again this year and came back to see me to buy more, she told me that the one she bought last time was her husband's very favourite mug that he uses it all the time.

I also decided to gift some mugs to my favourite stars. I gave one to Carrie Fisher, Eve Myles & Kai Owen. This was my third Supanova and I've been to a Comic con, so I've now met a few of my favourites, but I have never been SO nervous as when I met Carrie Fisher - I guess because I have literally spent my entire life loving Star Wars. I was a total dork when I met her but she vas very gracious about the gift.

When I gave Eve Myles she was so thrilled. She told me she was starting a new job on Monday and that she would be using it for her cuppa's on set. It was the next day when I saw Kai and gave him his gift. He said "I saw Eve's last night and I was so jealous" he was very happy and gave me a big hug.

My daughter also gave one of my mugs to her favourite Merlin Knight, I think it was Rupert Young

All in all it was a great weekend.

I' m having some trouble loading images of my stall, I'll try again later

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