Monday, October 21, 2013

Grad Show Fund Raising Auction

Well it's been quite a while since I've posted again, so I thought I would catch you up with some old news.
We had our fund raising auction at Central Institute of Technology on the 2nd August this year and it was a huge success.
As team leader for the Artist Liaison and Board making team, there were some definite challenges in my role, but when the evening came it was all worth it.
We raised a record breaking total of $27,030!
Much thanks to all the generous artists and lecturer/artists who donated their work. I would like to say a very special thanks especially to Pippin Drysdale who generously donated 4 works; Pippin's work was responsible for a large portion of our phenomenal total. I would also like to thank our fantastic auctioneers.
Even the student works went very well, the highest raising $575. Every student work sold for $50 or over; speaking to some students from previous years, we were quite lucky on that score, on some previous years, a lot of student works have gone for only $10-$20 each. My work landed somewhere in the middle range, selling for $250. 
Thank goodness we made so much, because with such a large group our catalogue has cost $20,000 to produce! Add to that the cost of putting on the auction in the first place (just over $3000) and there's now not all that much left.


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